Strategic focus

  • Accelerate growth nationally and internationally, organically and by acquisition:
    • Investment in our SaaS and e-commerce platforms to drive client acquisition, retention, cross-selling and high margins.
    • Our overall growth is supported through the continued development of our Services division, deploying expertise to solve client problems, and creating opportunities for SaaS deployment.
    • We believe our continued investment in infrastructure will improve forward revenue visibility, widen gross margins and increase customer lifetime value.
  • Our EU and US businesses are now established – with significant organic and M&A growth opportunities in both regions.
  • Our Asia-Pacific website is open and trading.

Business model

Marketing and sales funnel

  • The Group has 20 years of content marketing, book publishing, PR activity and SEO dominance, which translate into growing volumes of incoming customers seeking specific solutions.
  • We have multiple accreditations, wide-ranging customer endorsements and high NPS scores help convert visitors.
  • Our productised services and packaged offerings simplify choice for customers and salespeople.
  • Largely automated fulfilment enables our account managers to concentrate on landing and expanding.

Operational Model

  • Our e-Commerce division provides customers with proprietary, expert content and professional qualifications, enabling our clients to address their skills gaps.
  • Our Services division delivers expertise into client organisations on an increasingly long-term contracted basis, enabling clients to access expertise and the range of products and services from across the Group.
  • Our SaaS division delivers compliance and management platforms, enabling clients to embed consistent, robust and regularly updated compliance processes in their operations.
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