• We support organisations tackling cyber resilience, compliance and data protection.
  • Our primary focus is on people and process domains, with international recognition.
  • We have a wide-ranging, proprietary product and service offering, supported by substantial IP.
  • We have the market-leading IT Governance brand, with a unique cyber-defence-in-depth model.
  • We are sector-agnostic and UK-based, with early-stage businesses in the US and EU and Asia-Pacific toehold.
  • We protect our clients, and help them to comply and thrive in an increasingly complex cyber risk environment.

Unique point solutions integrated to deliver cyber resilience and defence-in-depth

Software as a Service

  • CyberComply platform
  • Cyber Essentials certification
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • GRC e-learning
  • Privacy as a Service
  • DocumentKits templates.


  • Eight B2B e-commerce websites
  • ‘Learn from Anywhere’ training delivery model
  • Publications business:
  • Cyber security, GDPR, Privacy/data protection, risk & compliance
  • Wide range of books and standards.


Helping corporate and public organisations meet compliance and cyber risk management objectives

  • Penetration testing
  • PCI DSS & Cloud compliance
  • Legal, GDPR & DPO services

The Group is the market leader for cyber-defence-in-depth strategies and resources – we can help organisations put a defence-in-depth model together, resource it, deploy it, maintain it and adapt it to the changing threat environment.

Our cyber-defence-in-depth approach means we sell long-term strategic relationships with our clients and provides key cross-selling and upselling opportunities across the Group. We do this so that our solutions scale with mass automation at the lower organisational size and bespoke options at the enterprise end.

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