Threat landscape

  • Increasingly sophisticated cyber criminals, and serious organised crime is on the rise.
  • There is a huge increase in nation-state activity and cyber warfare, heightened by the war between Ukraine and Russia.
  • The digitisation of the world is increasing rapidly, with organisations migrating to the Cloud as hybrid working becomes the norm post-pandemic.

Attack surface

  • There are increasing weaknesses and vulnerabilities in technology, people and processes.
  • Supply chain and managed service providers are being targeted for vulnerabilities as a gateway to other organisations in one-to-many attacks.
  • Many organisations have inadequate governance, risk management and compliance capabilities.

Compliance landscape – UK, EU and US

  • Data protection and privacy regulations are becoming more complex and increasingly more stringent.
  • Cyber security (NIS Regulations, NIS 2 Directive)
  • Incident reporting (EU, CISA, SEC)

Supply side

  • There is a global shortage of cyber security and privacy professionals in a fragmented market with increasing cyber criminal activity and more stringent regulations.
  • There are multiple small ‘single solution’ businesses, which means organisations have siloed and disjointed security and compliance processes.
  • As cyber crime increases, and the threat of a breach becomes even more likely for all organisations, cyber insurance is becoming increasingly more expensive.

Buy side

  • Buyers need cyber defence in depth and cyber resilience.
  • Buyers need fewer, more broadly capable suppliers.

Our market

The cyber security market is forecast to grow to £352 billion by 2026, at a 14.5% CAGR, with the attack surface expanding dramatically. We expect to see:

  • Increased nation-state and serious organised crime cyber threats;
  • Millions more exploitable insecure network endpoints due to increased hybrid and remote working practices;
  • Digital transformation, migration to the Cloud and increasingly widespread use of IoT (Internet of Things);
  • Customer and supply chain pressure to improve security and privacy;
  • Proliferating national and international data protection and cyber security regulations;
  • A growing understanding of the need for cyber resilience – which requires cyber defence in depth; and
  • A global shortage of qualified security and privacy professionals.

Many organisations struggle to resource appropriate responses to these increasingly complex challenges. GRC International Group is uniquely placed as an established and market-leading brand, which brings 20 years of expertise to tackle the increasingly complex cyber threat landscape with its suite of cyber-defence-in-depth products and services.

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