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Vigilant Software

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Vigilant Software develops industry-leading software designed to help organisations streamline their core GRC (governance, risk management and compliance) activities, while reducing costs and improving repeatability, robustness, reliability and audit trails.

Drawing on our years of experience in developing and deploying GRC solutions, we aim to make compliance easy and help organisations reduce the complexity of their overall privacy and information security management projects – including ISO 27001 risk management and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance.

Integrating our software tools vsRisk, Compliance Manager, the Data Flow Mapping Tool, the DPIA Tool and GDPR Manager, our CyberComply platform is designed to help organisations manage and monitor data privacy and cyber security risks consistently and cost-effectively. CyberComply helps reduce the number of repetitive risk assessments, and can be easily scaled to address evolving threats.

Our tools are user friendly and integrate with one another. They are focused on helping your organisation adopt and comply with data protection, cyber security, information security and risk management laws, standards and frameworks in line with international best practice – in a straightforward and affordable manner.

How we’re different

We develop industry-leading tools for intelligent, simplified compliance, including ISO 27001 risk management and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Drawing on years of experience developing and deploying risk management tools and services, our product range provides organisations with regulatory software tools that save you both time and money.

User friendly and easy to integrate, our cloud-based tools help you identify your legal requirements, understand the data you process and conduct information security risk assessments in line with international best practice.

Our tools aim to make data protection, cyber security, information security and risk management straightforward and affordable for all. We offer a free trial that allows you to try our software tools and see how they will benefit your organisation.

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