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Ely, United Kingdom, 10 June 2022 – IT Governance Publishing (ITGP), the world-leading publisher for governance and compliance, is delighted to announce its latest release with author Gary Hibberd, The Art of Cyber Security – A practical guide to winning the war on cyber crime

The book celebrates the people who are striving to protect us in an ever-expanding technological era. Data and technology are so fundamental to our lives that protecting those who use technology is incredibly important. The professionals working to protect children, adults and corporations have a tough job, and this book recognises their work while advocating ways for improving cyber security services and fighting cyber crime. 

Vicki Utting, Managing Executive at ITGP commented: “It’s fantastic to bring Gary’s concepts to life through this book. His passion for making cyber security simple and effective for everyone emanates throughout as he challenges readers to think differently about the role they have to play in the industry.” 

Author Gary Hibberd, Professor of Communicating Cyber, said: “I wanted to explore the idea that although we may not always recognise it, cyber security professionals are creative, artistic and inquisitive by nature. 

“I believe as cyber security professionals we need to develop an enquiring mind and expand our thinking beyond the tools and technologies we use. I firmly believe the more curious, creative and explorative we are, the more successful we can be in protecting ourselves and the organisations we serve.” 

The Art of Cyber Security is about so much more than cyber security; it gives professionals the skills to think creatively about their role in the cyber security industry. 

In Part 1, Gary shares his thoughts on the cyber security industry and how those who operate within it should approach their role with the mindset of an artist. Part 2 explores the work of Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, analysing key sections and reviewing them through the lens of cyber security and data protection to derive how his teachings can be used within the cyber security industry. 

Gary’s fantastic new book is available on the ITGP website here in softcover, eBook, ePub and Kindle formats. 

What readers have said 

“The book is excellent and easy to read. It really adds to thought leadership in this area.” - Christopher Wright - Author and Retired Director of Consultancy Firm 

“The author acknowledges the great efforts of cybersecurity and data protection professionals who have not been appreciated by society for their creativity unlike the mainstream artists. The author, also, recognises cybersecurity as an interesting art from his perspective and compares it to other forms of well-known art and creativity.”  - Yinka Akingbehin – Cyber Security Director 

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