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Ely, United Kingdom, 27 July 2022 – IT Governance Publishing (ITGP), the world-leading publisher for governance and compliance, is excited to announce its latest publication: Artificial Intelligence – Ethical, social, and security impacts for the present and the future

Written by Dr Julie E. Mehan, the book explores the complex topic of AI ethics in a cross-functional way, alternating between theory and practice. Practical and recent events, and their associated challenges, are explored, such as the collateral effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the application of AI technologies. The book also gives an up-to-date overview of the potential positive and negative outcomes of AI implementations together with an analysis of AI from an ethical perspective. 

Author Julie Mehan said: “As a professor at the University of Maryland, I teach ethics focused on new information and digital technologies. I am often challenged by my students to look at the implications of these new developments. Many of these conversations have centred around AI and its increasing pervasiveness in everything we do and see. Does AI have a consciousness? Can AI be ethical? Is there bias in AI? These questions and more prompted me to write this book.” 

She continued: “As humans, we generally have a ‘moral compass’ – something that tells us right or wrong based on our culture, environment and upbringing. AI has no such compass; its ethics are reliant on the developers and the training data the AI receives. The potential impact of an ‘unethical’ AI could cause tremors that impact the very core of our society. Right now, studies into ethics in AI are still in their infancy, but the time is now to take this discussion to a serious level.” 

There are untold how-to books on AI technology, replete with methods to improve and advance the statistics and algorithms of AI; however, the social, ethical and security impacts are often at best a secondary consideration – if discussed at all. That’s where Artificial Intelligence – Ethical, social, and security impacts for the present and the future differs with its concrete approach to identifying appropriate ethical principles in AI solutions, making it your go-to read for understanding the associated challenges of AI technologies. 

Vicki Utting, Managing Executive of ITGP, commented: “We are delighted to have the opportunity to publish this book. Julie is a longstanding author of ours, working with us for more than ten years, and it’s fantastic to collaborate with her again to bring to market her unrivalled knowledge and expertise on such a timely topic. AI is a hotly debated subject and plays a significant role in all of our daily lives, from Google, Alexa and social media monitoring through to self-driving cars, and we need to be aware of the ethical challenges this technology brings.” 

Julie’s brilliant new book is available on the ITGP website here in softcover, e-book, ePub and Kindle formats. 

Other readers said 

"The book has a comprehensive approach to the subject of AI, blending in historical references, fact, perceptions and conjecture. It makes it more relevant to a wider audience than just leaping into the technology." - Chris Evans, Lead Service Architect 

"It applies ethics, etc. in a novel way and is a well-balanced consideration of the topic. I found the book easy to read and very enjoyable." - Christopher Wright, author and retired consultancy firm director. 

To find out more about IT Governance Publishing, please visit the website, email or call +44 (0)333 666 9000. 

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