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The privacy and data contract compliance specialists.

DQM GRC was formed in 1996 to help organisations harness the emerging power of data. We could see that ‘Confidence in Data’ would be essential to the Information Age and so we began offering services to help data owners protect, manage and commercialise their data assets. Right from the beginning, we could see that data protection would be critical for data-driven innovation.

Our award-winning range of services and solutions can give any organisation confidence in their data, from SMEs to multinationals and from finance to publishers or utilities - we understand your specific requirements and can provide bespoke and hands-on support via our specialist group of experts

How we’re different

DQM GRC exists to build confidence in data, and has been doing so successfully for 25 years – creating award-winning products and services that can help organisations of all sizes. We work with some of the world’s largest organisations – and many smaller ones too. What our clients of all sizes have in common is an understanding that great data-driven decisions and disruptive data-lead products and services require confidence. We help organisations build that confidence by helping them communicate, manage their risks and contracts and embed data protection and privacy thinking into their approach to products and services.

We believe that data protection is not just an inherent part of innovation – it drives it too. We believe organisations succeed when people trust them to use their data in creative ways. We believe organisational partnerships succeed when both sides trust that data sharing agreements are honoured.

So if you believe that data is your organisation’s most valuable asset, if you believe that your sales depend on you getting data protection and privacy right, if you believe that good data protection practices make great commercial sense – our purpose is to help your business excel.

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